Hillary Clinton is the embodiment of liberalism, not feminism

To quote Lierre Keith (http://www.lierrekeith.com/)

“People sometimes say that we will know feminism has done its job when half the CEOs are women. That’s not feminism; to quote Catharine MacKinnon, it’s liberalism applied to women. Feminism will have won not when a few women get an equal piece of the oppression pie, served up in our sisters’ sweat, but when all dominating hierarchies – including economic ones – are dismantled.”

that’s why Hillary Clinton is the embodiment of LIBERALISM, not feminism.

Read more about it:

“Clinton was a key orchestrator of American military occupations in the Middle East that ultimately contributed to the region’s instability, obviously without caring that military-involved conflict always leads to female suffering and death within war zones. She spearheaded U.S. interference in Libya’s civil war, and now, since the death of Gadhafi, polygamy has been legalized in the country again. Women were killed in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip in Israeli attacks that Clinton excused. Iraqi women have suffered more sexual violence and political oppression as a result of the Islamic fundamentalist regimes that replaced Hussein’s secular government after the U.S. invasion Senator Clinton voted for and now face horror under ISIS. Four years as Secretary of State wasn’t enough time for Clinton to make a statement on behalf of Iraqi women. Instead, she supported the 2009 coup in Honduras, which resulted in greater violence against Honduran women, and the Moroccan government’s record on women’s and human rights, despite the fact that until 2014 Morocco legally absolved male rapists who married their victims. (Note that Morocco has also donated to the Clinton Foundation.) You could argue that Clinton has improved women’s lives in America, but even if that were true, feminism that seeks liberation and well-being only for women in one’s own country is too selfish and ultimately fragile to warrant praise.”

via Žene sa Interneta